Make A Payment

Thank you for choosing Huber Barney Law. We proudly utilize LawPay to ensure your online payment is safe and secure.

LawPay has recently included a feature that will allow us to bill a credit card on a repeating basis. We sincerely hope that this will help eliminate the need for clients to remember to call in monthly to pay a bill. If you have previously worked out a payment plan with our business office and would like to take advantage of this feature, please give us a call so we can get you set up. If you are looking to utilize our services, this is a great way to pay your bill over time with the added convenience of letting us handle the recurring payment schedule so you never miss a payment.

To ensure proper handling of your payment, we ask that you include your invoice number in the reference line on LawPay. For any payment of a retainer, or trust, include your name and the type of case you are paying a retainer for (Estate Planning, Real Estate Law, etc).

If you have questions regarding an invoice, please contact our office at (480) 305-7007.